Java Malabar Gunung Haruman


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The earliest coffees cultivated outside of continental Africa were in the Dutch East Indies and, most likely, in the western portion of the Java Islands in the Malabar mountains.  While most coffee production in Java has moved to large estates in Eastern Java (Java Sunda), small hold farmers are still growing some of the oldest coffees in the world.

This is a cooperative coffee from Cidiwey and is an astonishing example of some of the earliest history of coffee featuring the original Typica varietal of coffee established in earliest portion of the 18th century.

We have a limited supply left and likely will not be able to find coffees from Java in the future.  This is a dense bean that takes a much darker roast than you typically see in South American coffees.  Still

Available as ground or whole bean (our recommendation).

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Whole Bean, Ground


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