Ethiopia Swiss Water Process Decaf


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The one real truth in coffee is that good coffee starts with good green beans.  It is just that simple.  Traditionally decaf coffees are made from second grade green coffee because it offsets the costs of shipping the coffee to the decaffeination facility.  The method of removing caffeine also has a direct impact on the eventual flavor.

Heirloom coffees from Ethiopia (where coffee was first cultivated) has some of the biggest flavors available and that makes a great start.  The importer that we work with has also developed a precise method of checking quality on the coffee as it is going through the Swiss Water Process.  The result is consistently a decaf that tastes like a great coffee.


The downside is that decafs are available in extremely small lot sizes and we have a lot of turn over in decaf.  Currently we are offering a decaf from the Limu Coop.

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