Colombia Tio Conejo Natural Process Decaf


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We love finding connections to the farm and farmers that grow and produce coffees.  This is one of those connections.  The importer is based out of Silver Spring, MD and they are bringing in their families coffee from Colombia.  What makes them different is the care and attention both to the crop as well as to the conditions that the growers face and the transparency of what they are doing to help bridge the gap.

This is a Natural Processed decaf coffee.  Natural processing uses ethanol produced from local sugar cane along with citric acid to remove the caffeine.  This method is a natural pairing in Colombia due to the ready availability of sugar.  It has some distinct benefits over Swiss Water processing in that it does not require the extremes of temperature that SWP does.  This allows the coffee to retain the sweet berry flavors and balanced profile that also exists in the regular version.  This is now our house decaf.

Available as ground or whole bean (our recommendation).

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