Brazil Fazenda de Grama


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This coffee was processed using the “pulped natural” or “honey” method –a combination of the ‘wet’ and ‘natural’ drying processes. It comes from Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama in the Alto Mogiana region of Sao Paulo State in Brazil.  Coffee is picked manually with a cloth on the ground to avoid the beans having direct contact with the soil.  Coffee processing is done quickly to avoid any kind of un-managed fermentation, the coffee is transferred directly from the field to the wet mill where the green and mature beans are separated from the dry ones. Thereafter, the dry, black beans are taken to the patio to be dried and the mature ones are pulped and separated from the green.

Dark chocolate, almond, herbal with a mild malic (apple) acidity.  Has a strong flavor with a creamy aftertaste and is well balanced.  This is our go to choice as a single origin espresso but it makes an excellent drip, pour over, or cold brewed coffee.

Available as ground or whole bean (our recommendation).

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Whole Bean, Ground


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