Our Coffee


Night Kitchen’s focus is small farm or micro-lot coffee.  Our goal is to celebrate the diversity and the terroir in coffees.  There is a tremendous range of varieties, growing regions, conditions, weather, handling.  All affect the flavors that are available to extract through careful roasting.  All of our coffees can be traced to the source farm and often to the individual farmer.  Rather than focus on a specific roast style, we strive to roast each green coffee to it’s peak flavor and aroma.

Coffee was originally cultivated, most likely, in Ethiopia sometime in the late 13th century.  Traders spread it across India, Indonesia, and into the New World where it flourished in equatorial regions.  Along the way, unique varietals evolved from the original natural coffees of Africa.  With over 100 recognized varieties of Arabica coffee and close to 120 different countries producing and exporting coffee, it has become a world wide product.  Each farm and growing region is unique.  Our single origin coffees give you a chance to taste the difference from one growing region to another.

Our blended coffees use the same quality of coffee we feature with our single origin.  Blending allows us to take two or more standout coffees and build flavors that are more than the sum of the parts.  The challenge of blending gives us the chance to experiment with how coffee flavors interplay.