• Brewing Coffee, the Night Kitchen Take (6/9/2016) - I realized the other day that we’ve been in radio silence here on the night kitchen blog.  Some is because of a chicken run project we’ve been doing at home in addition to my regular day job and work at
  • Just plain coffee (9/29/2015) - I’ve been thinking a lot about coffee.  No surprise there – it’s one of the perils of operating a roasters and a “problem” I embrace willingly.   When I’m not roasting, making, and drinking our own coffee, I’m reading about the history,
  • Not Your Usual Coffee (1/24/2015) - I recently shipped out some coffee and a day later I got the following email – “This is much better coffee than I’m used to!”.  It’s always wonderful getting positive feedback about our coffee but this might be the best compliment
  • Celebrate the Holidays with Night Kitchen Coffee (12/8/2014) - This is an 85+ point coffee from the Caranavi region in Bolivia.  The coffee elegantly balances brown sugar, chocolate, and an herbal note.  Available through the holiday season with  unique label art created by Cambridge artist, Antonia Burns.  We will